2019 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence

Conference Programme

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Workshop on Edge Machine Learning for Smart IoT Environments (09:30 - 11:45, Room: Aula Magna, session chair: Paolo Di Lorenzo)

Workshop on Ambient Intelligence in the Blockchain Era (11:45 - 13:00, Room: Aula Magna, session chair: Andrea Vitaletti)

  • "From App to DApp", Andrea Vitaletti (Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza")

Abstract: Most of the current ambient intelligence applications are based on cloud services. Data collected in the ambient are delivered to a trusted centralized cloud server that distills an actionable intelligence from them. Recent technologies, such as DApp, blockchain and IPFS just to mention few, allow us to design a new class of decentralized services in a trustless environment. This talk will briefly introduce such technologies.

  • "Relationship between Database and Blockchain: a use case for Authenticated Data Structure representation using DB-Trees", Diego Pennino (Università degli Studi di Roma Tre)

Abstract: "In this talk we propose a general architecture to adopt database with a blockchain. In our approach we can provide integrity proof associated with the results of the queries perform on the database. We also describe a new data structure to represent an Authenticated Data Structure in a database efficiently."

  • “IOTA Distributed Ledger”, Stefano Della Valle (Things Labs)

Abstract: "IOTA is a transactional settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things. It's based on a unique distributed ledger, the Tangle, which introduces a new way of reaching consensus in a decentralized peer-to-peer system. In this talk, we will introduce Qubic the protocol that specifies IOTA's solution for oracle machines, smart contracts, outsourced computations, and more."

  • "Blockchain-based approach for shared policies management", Albenzio Cirillo (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni)

Abstract: "5G is the enabler of massive M2M communication, that is managed through IoT Platforms. The increasing number of IoT devices and the amount of data collected contribute to improve efficiency in resource management and optimization. Nowadays, however, IoT also applies to monitor resources that are shared among competitors and that should be used according common policies. How the information retrieved by IoT Platforms can be shared in order to guarantee the application of such policies? Blockchain could be a trustworthy solution, that could be integrated in the M2M Architecture."

Workshop on Ambient Intelligence for promoting Sustainable Behaviors (14:30 - 17:00, Room: Aula Magna, session chair: Sten Hanke, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis)

Tutorial on Embedded Artificial Intelligence (10:30 - 17:00, Room: A2)

During the last session, participants are encouraged to bring their pre-trained feed forward neural network targeting STM32 resources in Keras or Caffe as a challenge to get it mapped and running. Check this page for more information on the technical details of the STM toolchain.

Lunch Break (13:00 - 14:30)

Welcome Reception (18:00 - 19:00)

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Invited Talk 1 (09:00 - 10:00, session chair: Boris De Ruyter)

Session 1: Contributed Talks (10:15 - 11:30, session chair: Boris De Ruyter)

Session 2: Poster Talks (11:45 - 12:00, session chair: Sten Hanke)

Session 3: Contributed Talks (12:00 - 13:15, session chair: Andrea Vitaletti)

Lunch Break (13:15 - 14:15)

Invited Talk 2 (14:15 - 15:15, session chair: Dimitris Charitos)

Session 4: Contributed Talks (15:30 - 17:00, session chair: Andreas Komninos)

Session 5: Contributed Talks (17:15 - 18:30, session chair: Dimitris Charitos)

Conference Dinner (20:00 - 23:00)

Viale dell'Università, 20, 00185 Roma RM

Friday, 15 November 2019

Invited Talk 3 (09:00 - 10:00, session chair: Ioannis Chatzigiannakis)

  • John Pagonis: "Evidence based UX: A case study of using UX research to allocate funds for a product backlog in the smart mobility"

Session 6: Contributed Talks (10:15 - 11:30, session chair: Ioannis Chatzigiannakis)

Session 7: Poster Talks (11:45 - 12:00, session chair: Boris De Ruyter)

Session 8: Contributed Talks (12:00 - 13:15, session chair: Francesca Cuomo)

Lunch Break (13:15 - 14:15)

Keynote Talk 4 (14:15 - 15:15, session chair: Ioannis Chatzigiannakis)

  • Alex Gluhak: "SynchroniCity: Moving the market beyond Smart City Islands"

Session 9: Contributed Talks (15:30 - 17:00, session chair: Boris De Ruyter)

Presentation of Best Paper Awards & Closing Remarks (17:00 - 17:30)